Price is based on Sq footage or wall space desired. It is $3 per sq foot for booth space & many different prices based on wall sizes for the flat wall vendors. There is a 10% sales commission on all items sold + a 3% Fee for credit cards, accounting, etc...

There is a refundable deposit equal to 1 month's rent due before occupying the sales floor or to hold a booth. Once deposit is given to secure a space you have 2 weeks to move in or deposit will be forfeited.

Please contact us any time to check availability!

A vendor contract is a 90 day commitment when you sign up. After the initial contract period of 90 days then it is a month to month lease. Either party can provide a 30 day written notice for the intent to vacate the space.

​​Currently we have Booth Space available &

flat wall space to rent for

vendors with hanging items only!